Psychotherapy and Counselling

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist and counsellor. Psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling is a type of in depth therapy. It allows people to develop an understanding of their inner thoughts and feelings and can also help them to gain a deeper understanding of how some patterns of relating may have roots in the past.

There are a number of reasons why someone might contact me;

  • Anxiety and panicky feelings
  • Depression and low moods
  • Angry feelings
  • Self esteem and confidence issues
  • Difficulties at work
  • Relationship problems
  • Worries about sexual matters
  • Addictions
  • Abuse (sexual/violent or psychological)
  • Trauma
  • Family troubles

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between the person seeking help and myself, which takes place in a safe and confidential setting. Rather than simply offering advice or reassurance, I aim to help you think about yourself and relationships differently. This process can be helpful to anyone who wishes to develop greater self-awareness and a better understanding of their relationship with others, both past and present. Psychotherapy can sometimes be a challenging process, which requires commitment to face and work through difficult feelings, as well as an extremely rewarding and cathartic one, whereby individuals are helped to think about and explore their own experience, to reach deeper levels of understanding and explore choices and options for their future.

I will listen carefully to whatever you bring to your sessions, in order that we may try to understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

I work with you so that you can develop a greater understanding of yourself, so that you may cope better with how you feel, and how you interact with people, and the world around you.


Sessions are usually at the same time, and on the same day each week.

I offer Open-ended Psychotherapy where you and I work together to understand you at a greater depth, and over time.

I also offer Time Limited Therapy which is typically 12 to 24 sessions, where you and I might try and focus on one particular issue that you are having difficulty with.

How to begin

Please feel free to send me a brief message. All communication is strictly private and confidential.

Once you have made contact (and you and I have had an initial conversation), I recommend an initial consultation.

This session gives us a chance to meet and consider working together, and to explore whether therapy feels like the right route for you.